Mapping Eden

Mapping Eden traces a young girl’s quest to make sense of the world and the event that transforms it–the death of her mother.


Homann Heirs, 1750 Map of Israel-Palestine (12 Tribes) (Public Domain)

Julia’s father, a brilliant and erudite physician, teaches her about many things–weather, physics, history, geography. But the one thing she really wants to know he doesn’t talk about. Why is Julia’s mother gone, and “all the other mothers are there”?

Read selections from the novel:

Secrets   We had a photograph on our piano, in the sunroom in the front of our apartment .  .  .   Continue reading → 

Geography  We were already different–our apartment filled with Old World furniture . . .  Continue reading →

Catalpas  Outside my window the catalpa trees waved their enormous leaves . . .    Continue reading→

Summer   In the summer we played on Magnolia, me and my friends . . .   Continue reading→

The Denver Zephyr  Before school started again we went to visit my grandparents . . .    Continue reading→

Plumcake   My grandparents lived in an apartment above a grocery store . . .   Continue reading→

Mountains   Friedrich knew a lodge high up in the mountains . . .    Continue reading→