Psalms for a Child

Psalms for a Child Who Has Lost Her Mother, my new poetry chapbook, is available from the publisher, Finishing Line Press, and Amazon.

The 23 poems in the collection explore love and loss, the mother-daughter bond, the search for identity and connection.

What they’re saying about Psalms for a Child . . .

The book is gaining recognition  among therapists, writers, and general readers as a “beautiful, moving” resource on bereavement.

“By listening within to the child she was when her mother died, Carol Japha has created a beautiful, moving book of poetry that captures so many aspects of that devastating experience. I will be giving it to all my clients who lost a parent at an early age.” —Richard C. Schwartz, PhD, developer of the Internal Family Systems model

“This volume not only offers the gift of stark, profound understanding to a child (or to the child that lives in an adult such as myself) who has lost a parent at a tender age, but also amazingly somehow manages to inspire healing, hope and possibility. I simply love these poems. I read them over and over.” —Pat Ogden, PhD, founder/educational director, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

“I would recommend these compelling poems to patients of all ages who have experienced early loss, to parents and educators of young children, bereavement therapists and counselors, and other health professionals.” —Mary Sussillo, LCSW, director, Center for Bereavement, New York City

“Carol Japha invites us to share her loss even as this young girl fights to stem the tidal wave of feelings and preserve the world as she once knew it. It touches the heart because we can feel its simple truth.” —Janina Fisher, PhD, former instructor, Harvard Medical School, author of the forthcoming Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors

“With the innocent simplicity of a child’s understanding and the honed language of an adult poetic sensibility, Japha offers hard-earned crystalline wisdom.”  —Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists

“In these beautifully spare poems, Carol Japha gives voice, with uncanny accuracy, to a young girl’s bereavement.” —Nancy Willard, author of Swimming Lessons: New and Selected Poems 

“It’s under an ‘infinite wingspan’ that Carol Japha gathers together the painful details of a child losing her mother. With no sentimentality, the poems chronicle the child’s immersion in the unthinkable–a rare and revealing achievement.” —Mary Ann Larkin, author of A Shimmering That Goes With Us

Read sample poems . . .

Of a sick person in the house,
then taken away . . .
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This I missed:
my shape,
her image . . .
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I will carry her in my pocket
like a slingshot . . .
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